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This is driving me nuts, the denon and htpc are connected to the high power outlets on my monster power htps 7000. I have bypassed the dam thing with no difference. I think I will start looking at cpu usage when it occurs, it might be a gremlin but this is a fresh install of xp sp1 home.
This is really wierd and have never come across this before with a sound card. I can be watching a movie and I will lose the spdif connection to my denon av reciever. I do thy typical figuring it is the amp changing sources letting it lock on another digital signal to no avail. I stop zoom player stat play again and nothing. I restart the computer and begin the movie again, it plays fine for awhile and then I lose audio again. I switch filter to win dvd to power dvd...
To my eyes it looks like main lobby is extreamly powerfull but requires to much cpu power more than my 100 mhz amd processor in the 510, I think I will try netremote, it might just be the ticket, but I will have to get a wirless nic first thanks
I have a couple of point 510 hanging around and I am wondering if there are any uses for them, I was orgionally going to use it for an advanced remote back when the orgional power buy happened here on the forum but really never had the time... any suggestion would be great
Thanks for your reply. I have come ascross that pictular model in my search, the funny thing is this one does not have a dvd and is only a standalone pvr with a 40 g hdd.. I really want to know what kind of i/o it has. I'll have to wait till tuesday and call for more info. thanks
I just got a flyer from my local store about a apex dvr with a 40g hard drive, I cant make out the model of it but it doesnt have a dvd player. I wondering if anybody has one of these as I cant find anything on line about it either.. As there is no tivo service in canada that I know of so this might be a alternative. Is this thing worth $557 canadian plus 15 percent taxes. thanks Best Regards
I have come across while searching that before zoom you could make a batch file to do this manually, but haven't found out how to do this yet. any ideas would be great
there is no option in zoom to unregister the filters for the xcard And I cant get rid of them. every program is trying to use them. Is there an easy way to unregister them with out uninstalling the card. thanks
I updated my bios for 8x agp and fast writes and ended up with the blank screen on a radeon 9200 with MSI KT4V with cat 3.4... removed cat 3.4 and control panel. installed 3.5 ok installed control panel reboot no ok removed control panel reboot no...
I dont know if will happen to you or not but my dog would dig up the dam wires to my BUD, I often wondered if she could here them, the other dog one was never a problem. just a thought
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