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Thanks for this thread. I was wondering why my mce led was always blinking or on all the time. I had the Ir receiver sitting on the top of my Samsung lcd tv moved it back against the wall and everything is fine.. thanks
Bump So did any one end up getting this denon scalar. I was wondering if it would be a good upgrade to my 5800 that does not have hdmi switching.. Also could you connect the serial ports together having the avr control the scalar?
This is dam annoying, Installed fine in xp try to record with arcsoft and xp locks up hard x2 4400+ driver 1.0 and 1.0.3 vista 32 installed fine I can capture with arcsoft x2 4200+ driver 1.0 Playback of the files in arcsoft is using hw accel with my HIS 2600pro on the xp machine At least I know the machine works
This was a nice email I got today . At least they let the buyer know whats going on cut and paste >Thank you for your online order for the HD-PVR. Hauppauge Computer Works knows that you are anxiously awaiting delivery of the HD PVR and we are doing everything we can to expedite shipment from our manufacturer. Unfortunately we have run into a short production delay on the plastic cases but we are expecting to ship your order by the end of the month and we...
I like Slysoft because you can have up to 8 iso's at a time mounted.
Ordered mine too.
I have the 8x1 monoprice running to a Samsung 5265 and it works great with my HTPC HIS 2600 pro, but my server X800 PE only works if you start the machine on that input. switch inputs and a reboot is nessary.. Both machines switch to vga if I unplug the HDMI/DVI cable...The switch works fine with my Dell laptop Inspiron 9400 with a GO 7900 GS video just tried it.. The only thing I dont like about the switch even if it works is the serial control software. ITS HORID
Hey smoothtlk. The problem is I was both in the same box so I could use the orgional wiring.. The high level would would be terminated to the relays and power to the relays would come from the PLC to activate them and as well as momentary switches using the low level to the PLC is the reason I want to use cat 5. I could do all switching at the PLC but that requires a lot of rewiring. I either need to find some cat5 like wire that will by code take HL voltage or...
Question I would like to use cat5 but code is the problem ... If I put a 24v relay in an electrical box I need to terminate 24v and 120v at the relay in the same box with a nice looking switch, but your not supose to have 120 and low level in the same box. how do you get around this problem is my question
Ahh nuts. I guess Ill look for another case and regular PS I could dig out the case and face plate made by POWER thanks
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