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Im thinking about getting a Q6600 and a Asus P5E-VM and sticking them into a SilverStone LC02 case I have here... Does anybody have this setup running on such a low powersupply (240W)? I know I have to make or buy a couple of power adaptors for this board. I Would really like to use this power supply instead of rigging up something. Just wondering if its possible before I buy. thanks
No I can understand were your comming from and agree 100%. I have read in the fourms that there have been some problems with video cards losing edid info and droping the video output from the card when switched so would be nice if I didn't have to purchase the doctor... I wasn't trying to imply that is was your HTPC I was just curious on the the possible ways you tried with your setup.. Worst case I can run dedicated runs for the HTPC, xbox 360 (vga older xbox)and...
Ouch thats firefold expensive, price is important but I would rather have the dam thing work! At the same time I dont want to cascade switchers just to get the number of HDMI I might need iin the future.. gtfoltz did you have something like the dvi doctor in the chain to make the pc think it was connected to a display at all times? Thanks
Has anyone tried the eight port hdmi switcher from monoprice with there htpc.. I take it I would still need the dvi doctor, and from the pictures it looks like it has a serial port on the back as well.. thanks
I used to use a g400 max 32 meg for my HTPC running at 1584x540p using vga connection. with a p3 500mhz No dvi on this beast. I see no reason why you cant use your card and power strip supports the matrox cards. There should be lots of threads in the archives... My old machine is a far cry from what I have now but I do alot more than just dvd and pictures All I can say is try it, if it doesnt work upgrade..
Hey specsix. Is there any screen shots or is it command line based. It would be excellent if it was a little remote that poped up on screen!
There's a package waiting at the post office for me! Come on monday!!!!
Is there any online store in canada that you can get these agp cards, I cant find one!
Yea I upgraded the denon 5800 to the 5800+ almost a 5803 so it has the denon link and 8 channel pcm over 4 cables I been looking for something to try it on ans the x tension does it real cool.
I hope this can help if your looking at the cable of the xcard it looks like this I only using pins 5 8 9 and the 2 ground pin to make up the cable I found this out by trial and error and a voltmeter I going to put this back together now to make sure it still works..I got the xcard stuff fromhere 7--8-9 3-4-5-6 1-2 top Pin7 left : Shielded Red Pin8 centre : Green Front L R + Pin9 right : Black ...
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