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Speaking of home theatre seats, I myself went and grabbed a old car seat from a Lincoln which had side mounted controls for adjusting position. On the base I created a slide moving + rotating keyboard stand for playing unreal tournament and other games. the things I think of, I have to send a pic of my bedroom theatre The biggest problem being a toolmaker every thing I make is out of steel ------------------ Elminster
I was wondering about the connection of the Sony DVP-CX850D is driving the projector or is it connedcted to th htpc other than s video, I have been looking at a 300 disc from pioneer http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Elite_2000/dv-f07.htm that has a RS232 Interface for PC/ Escient but that may only be for data input for dvd id. yet some reviews I have come acroos say rather vague but hopefull features. may be for future use. ya ok any ideas...
what is the name of the 200 changer and does it output the video out the firewire port. wouldn't that be very cool, makes me want a firewire card ------------------ Elminster
I have an orgional sound blaster live no 5.1 with a digital i/o breakout box. and if the spdif passthrough is selected under AudioHq,Device Control,Digital In/Out I dont out put DTS or DD5.1, it will only out put whatever digital connection I have connected to the break out box satalite receiver in my case. I am assuming you have the right connection selected in your menu on your pioneer I hope this helps ------------------ Elminster
Not trying to be a nut but this may belong on another form . Basically I have HTPC with pioneer 53"(here it comes) does this card hipix have the ability to record satalite brodcast of HDTV specifically the 4dtv with a HDD201 decoder since I live outside any broadcast areas. The decoder outputs in either RGBHV or component. Any thoughts thanks
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