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I run the xcard with Tvedia on my server. The Xcard video is feed to the bedroom and the the radeon card is hooked up the the projector. (25 foot s-video and audio and serial extention for remote) You can run the xcard in software more and play anything from avi,xvid, ogm, mkv, wmv, mp3, divx, vob's and dvd's ,and at the same time have a different stream running on the projector using powerdvd filters with zoom with mediaportal as a front end.. And ffdshow can...
Are you using UHF remote,try removing the antenna on the 811.
I care, I care. How about Main lobby or CQC support...
My denon 5800+ accepts 8 channel pcm audio over 4 coxal spdif connections.. Is there such a beast as a HDMI PCM breakout cable to get the pcm audio from hdmi cable to my reciever? Best Regards
I have the denon 616 and 617 ir blaster and reciever and they work great... The back of the unit of the 616 has 2 wire connection for the 617 (ir reciever)... If possible how would I hook up the ir recievers from smart home that have three wires... Is there any way to wire in the USB Uirt ir stickon in to the 616 so the computer can blast the components and the uirt in another room. And not fry either the uirt or the 616 Best Regards
Go on ebay and buy some xbox controler extentions . cheep and easy. Best Regards
I've purchased some material on fleabay from moakes twice now, I was able to get a size of 57 X 135 and made my frame from there instructions. I hang the screen with smalll chains.. Funny thing is my first screen is behind the new screen as I dont have anywhere to put it.. The first time the material came it was in a hard rolled carboard tube the second time it was folded in a box, wasnt to impressed with that. but a little streatching will improve...
You could look into the SAVR by panther studios corp its supose to control the cd changers by sony.
Trying to run a 36 volt dc motor. My 24v doesn't have enough power to keep it running under a load.. I'll keep looking mabe somthing will pop up on ebay that isnt tube based, they work great but its harder and harder to find replacement tubes.. Thanks for the replys Best Regards
Bench top power supplys seem to be really expensive and really heavy. I need a fair amount of current but more then is avaible on the -12 volt rail.. With a proper dummy load could I bridge 3 PC power supplys +12 volt rail to get 36 volts at say 20+amps(depending on the supply)... Thanks Best Regards
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