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I just got my 880n in and everything seems to be great, I have it playing vob's and mp3's from my server... I have one question how do I get it to access the internet and radio through my network .....
Johnla, Future support is like saying maybe I might do it if I find the time. there support will probably be ir control. Trying to get on my good side wmccain? 4 BUD'S 922 & hdd201 salved with 912 dvb hd. I wish I could get voom here but Starchoice 921 with hdd201 works well... 30 HD stations isnt bad between the 3 receivers. Its a fun hobby when I have the time. Thanks
This is from the panther studios web site <<<
Does the savr control any pioneer equipement yet. Thanks
Is there a service mode similar to the GWIII, I would like to try and remove some overscan for my HTPC that powerstrip cant do via DVI. Thanks
I didnt like the interface of the combo setup and just use Zoom Player with a 9800 pro. NICE via DVI!!! Personaly, If your going to get a MOMITSU I would would wait for the new V880N its networkable, and is suppose to come out around the 15 of this month...
Manufacturer: Sony Model Number: VLP-HS20 Screen Aspect Ratio 16X9
I wish there was posts like this for canadian buyers!
Well I took the monitor apart and removed the touch screen. It solid glass .060 thick... The touch controller has a 5 volt regular on it. How much voltage should be applied to the regulator to get the proper voltage from the regulator. This is a link to the part number of the regulator LM2940CT-5.0 but I am still not sure of the input voltage. thanks
This is a stupid question. I have a 15" Mitsubishi ELO touchscreen display. The monitor wont show anything at any setting but the touch part of the system works fine. Can I put it on another monitor? I waiting for the power to bleed off, before I take it apart!
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