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Take a look at the twinhan VP-1030a it comes with CI interface and can accept CAM's from Iredeto, NagraVision, Viaccess, AlphaCrypt, BataCrypt, Conax, Cryptoworks, and Aston.. For DVB we can buy the card's and cam's now, send us HU card or what ever they decide then get authorized. A monthly sub and they can use the dishnetwork feed for reception to this service... Mark might not like this system but it is at least it can be done.
This thread gave me an idea and I went and moded my PS and put in a 12cm fan in the side pushing air out of the case, and removed the stock fan. Works great. Running on 5 volt lead and supper quiet.
At least you guys got yours. I have been waiting for over a month. I still dont know whats taking so long fo mine to come in. ahhhh
The first thing I did was remove the reciever from the chain and hook up directly to the source (no change) I moved the source in to the other room and tried a different cable and the problem was gone. So I can rule out the source and the RPTV. This is a crimped termination, all the tools are from parts express. Yet I am thinking there is a slight termination problem. mabe with the striping of the wire or something silly like that. I ll try a few more connectors to...
I made a set of component cables that runs about 35 feet, from RG6Qs with the RCA connectors from parts express. I am getting a shadow effect or a copy of the image outline offset about 1/2 inch to the right. Is this a ground problem from cable to conector. I am seeing ghosting on a similar composite cable. Just wondering what is causing this to fix the issue with future runs. thanks
I have included the link to the auction. I cant see any wording that would indicate the it was copys of the orgional, Other then it was a good price. I am going to send him an email later on today and will post neg feedback at the least if he doesnt come through showing his transgression. ebay item
This is a little of topic, I purchased an entire Anime series on ebay 2 weeks ago and the seller sent me copies of the toons. It was very dissapointing to get computer disc when I was expecting DVD disc with real jackets and all the wonderfull stuff you get with a purchased DVD. As far as I am concerned I still have to buy the orgionals to just to keep these copys. I feel screwed but at the same time I dont like to cry foul. Any suggestions on how to proceed with this.
Thanks, Downloading it now.
Is there an online manual for the HS20, I have HS20 on order, but its taking forever to get here And I would like to check into some of the features more in depth. thanks
Yea its a shame about the 4:2:2 channels but that what my broadlogic is for and your Twinhan for that mater.
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