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Just curious, how can it "explode" twice? Lol I think compared to other PJ threads, this model is good as far as reliability is concerned. Other PJ's you hear about bad lamps etc. good luck.
I just saw one listed on E Bay if anyone is still interested in this PJ FYI
That's what I'm talking about! I'd like to hear your further impressions about LFC. Thanks.
Oh PALEAZE!!! If you have that much money to install a home IMAX, you have enough for an extra $30-40 a month for a dedicated internet modem just for the theater!
Woooo hoo! A much more affordable Audessey LFC receiver! Finally!
MonsterVision 3D. You don't have to worry about line of sight or IR synching issues, and you can tweak the shutter settings for better performance IMO.
That's how it should look! No one uses 50 S-video or RCA crap inputs!
Umm I think you answered your own question. Or was it not obvious? lol
Audyssey LFC, Spotify, Dual discrete subwoofer outputs, digital amplification, 150+ watts per channel, less than $1500, the lower the better lol
The xpand glasses aren't RF capable out of the box?
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