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Of course ! I'm sur the datesheet in english will help.
Here is the official paper sheet that I received at ISE :
Il suffisait de lire en français 5 posts plus haut, ça ne doit pas être trop dur pour toi, c'est écrit ici : http://www.projection-homecinema.fr/2014/02/04/panasonic-pt-rz670-projecteur-dlp-laser-6000-lumens/
Do you mean the picture quality or the outside look from the projector ?
CHRISTIE Booth with the Mirage 4K25 in action, amazing picture ! http://www.projection-homecinema.fr/2014/02/05/christie-mirage-4k25-dlp-4k-ise-2014/
The picture from this projector look really great but with colourful contents, it's impossible under the light conditions at ISE to have an opinion about black level. IMHO one of the best DLP Laser based projector at ISE (I wass disappointed with the NEC L110 picture )
The titan LED was also on DPI booth LJG. Sadly the only projector on was the DPI laser based projector.
Here is one of the big surprise at ISE Show the first full laser based DLP projector from Panasonic, the RZ-670 Brightness 6000 lumens Energy power : 820 Watts Single chip DLP 0.67 16/10 35DB Availability October 2014 Price :...
And here more pics about the brand new laser based Panasonic projector, the RZ670 : http://www.projection-homecinema.fr/2014/02/04/panasonic-pt-rz670-projecteur-dlp-laser-6000-lumens/
I'm just combing back from Amsterdam, here you can see the DLP LASER based projectors from Panasonic and DPI and the DLP 4K from Christie, the mirage 4k25
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