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Just got mine, review will come out soon after my review of the SONY VPL-VW1100ES : http://www.projection-homecinema.fr/2014/01/18/vivitek-h1185hd-dlp-full-hd-isf-et-3d-ready-reception-du-projecteur-pour-un-futur-test/
VW1100ES at home http://www.projection-homecinema.fr/2014/01/17/sony-vpl-vw1100es-reception-du-navire-amiral-de-la-marque-pour-un-futur-test/
I'll get my VW1100ES today, review will follow in à couple of days.
Better wait for the official answer from JVC regarding the procedure to follow.
I'm turning mine back tomorrow and won't take another one until I see a firmware update.
All of this + change of sources and HDMI cable nothing works. cine4home have also discover a large amount of X series that suffer from the same Issue
My white X500 suffer from the HDMI HANDSHAKE Issue by going back to the player menu I'm getting dark screen and no more controls on the projector.
You're right it's a mess I just got the time to take some measures but there is no way I keep it with this kind of issues.
Just got mine today, and after 4 hours of HDMI Problems I'm turning it back to the shop I had absolutly no problem with the X700 that I have reviewed but it'snt the same for the X500
Yes this is a joke and has nothing to do with homecinema neither native 4K Here is the official Press release that I just received : "4K Events/Projector A prototype 4K-compatible projector will be on display. This prototype projector uses industry-first technology to shift pixels two-dimensionally in both horizontal and vertical directions, quadrupling the pixel density and projecting beautifully crisp 4K video signals offering solutions for events."
New Posts  All Forums: