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This isn't a RGB balance, it's not possible to adjust the greyscale with this menu : It's only a mini-CMS. If you turn brilliant color on, here are the results : You will get too much noise in the picture, by turning the BC off the picture is clean :
My new review is online : http://www.audiovideohd.fr/tests/313...H9500BD-0.html automatic translation : http://translate.google.fr/translate...H9500BD-0.html
You're right it's the 3D deep effect that it's only available on the 2D/3D conversion.
If somebody will take the charge of translate my review in english I totally agree but I don't have the time and the capacity to do it. As you can see on my X30 review (3D pictures) there are almost no ghosting at all on the X30 and this is also valid for 2D/3D conversion. The ghosting correction mode is working fine.
Just got my press sample for a future review
Try the automatic translation, maybe it will help : http://translate.google.fr/translate...DLA-X30-0.html Regarding the CMD, it's not working flawless, but the level 3 is the best choice.
My new review about the JVC X30 is online on french here : http://www.audiovideohd.fr/tests/311-JVC-DLA-X30-0.html
I have mine for about 4 days now : Here the first colors measurements out of the box : http://www.cinetson.org/phpBB3/proje...34360-450.html
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