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That's what I did. I used 4 Polk RC80i for surrounds. I ran some tests and there is very little "real" audio content from the surround channels in most movies. It's mostly helicopters, explosions, and other "effect" sounds. I made 3 of Zaph's SR71 with full BSC (http://www.zaphaudio.com/SR71.html) for my mains behind the screen. I love them. I debated spending the $$$ and time to make more for the surrounds, but decided it wasn't worth it. The only reason I can think of...
I use the SR71's as my 3 front speakers behind a 120" screen. My friend built 3 also and use uses them as fronts under his screen. We couldn't be happier. For the price they are a steal. They are very musical and work well for audio listening as well. I have debated making some ZRT's as Zaph says they provide the ultimate in small 2-way performance, but 2.5x the price of the SR71's I've been lacking the motivation. If you're Ok with the extra money for the ZRT's you'll...
I had, at one point, created links to Windows shares. I thought I deleted those. I'll check again. Thx
After purchasing my unit last Fall, I started using it two months ago. All of aasoror's tutorials and posts have been great. I've had no problems at all playing bluray rips as .ISOs with no menus. Networking has been fine (I get about 5.5 MB/s on transfers to the Pivos on my gigabit hardwire LAN). I have done some modifications to the genres in SRJG to suit may tastes, again great. I have a 3TB internal disk with about 2TB full now, no problems. However... When I...
Pivos/Aios with the SRJG video jukebox does. Also allows text searches for movie titles.
Ok. I can go with that. Thanks for the feedback!
Wow! No opinions?
Yes. But last year's set is a 65" GT. This year's set is a 60" ST. Same $$$. If the issues with the blacks on last year's set are fixed, it might be a great buy. Scott
The title says it all! Thanks for your input, Scott
Interesting that the new release is listed as 1.33:1 AR
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