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I have limited basic (analog) and am able to get the HD broadcast channels in clear QAM in Santa Clara. My guess is that either there is a faulty connection somewhere in your chain, or that you are being filtered at the pole. If you've always been on limited basic, it is possible there is a notch filter out there for when everything used to be analog and they were filtering out the expanded basic channels. I'm no expert, but I know they have moved the digital channels...
Same in Santa Clara 95050. Had to re-scan all the channels, and still not sure where everything is.
I am also in 95050 on the Limited Basic with Comcast and this has not been my experience since the change on Oct. 3. All of the basic channels are available in digital form, including the HD feeds for the local stations (KTVU, KNTV, KGO, KQED, etc.). None of them are encrypted (yet) at my home.I did end up getting the small tuner adapter so that I could continue to use my very old SD Tivo units to records shows. Picture quality is no worse than the previous SD feeds...
You can also request free tuners that will convert the digital signals to analog, which is what I did so that I can continue to use my old non-digital Tivo machines a little longer. The change happened on Oct. 3 here in Santa Clara.
I got the same letter in Santa Clara (though the phone message I received said starting Sept. 6). I'm on a limited basic plan and I was able to order 3 converters (supposedly) for free from Comcast. We'll see how that works out. I have QAM tuners built in all of our TVs, but I still have some old analog Tivo devices that I still use.
Sorry, my TV doesn't give me that information (or I don't know how to get it out of my TV). It just re-maps it to 11.1 for me, so I don't know where it is.
Yes, it has moved (in zip code 95050). I had to re-scan.
Yeah, I noticed it on Tuesday when I tried to find the HD feed for the All-Star game on Fox. Re-scan seems to have found the channels. I always wonder why the CW HD channel is so hard to find.Edited to add: This was in Santa Clara.
Which SD station(s) were also blocked?
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