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An oldie but goodie. I wanted to resurrect this issue because it's actually very simple to understand but people keep messing it up. When you have two sine waves in phase and of equal amplitude that you "stack" together you will get a wave with twice the amplitude (voltage etc.) and given the same impedance twice the voltage means 4 times the power or a 6dB gain. Now so why you only gain a theoretical 3dB improvement? Here comes the fun part. If you stack two (sets of)...
Is CHAN reliable for you in Everett?
The licensed coverage regions do not overlap. In each region the primary signal is strong enough not to be affected by the other. And even outside the coverage region you can use almost any antenna with good front-to-back ratio to tune one vs. the other as they are in opposite directions for most people. To put things in perspective, a quad bow-tie antenna with 18dB front-to-back ratio will make one signal 64 times stronger than the other even if they were equal to...
You can never have too much antenna (except if you live very, very near a station) but you can always have too little. Go with the 55 unless cost is a factor. Remember that an antenna is the only thing in the entire receiving chain to actually improve signal quality. Everything else either tries to degrade it (long cable runs and splitters) or tries to preserve it (amps) In my area (Kirkland) the only pre-amp I can use is the Winegard HDP-269. All others I tried...
If you haven't done so already read this:http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/siting.html Don't be afraid to experiment a little, including pointing the antenna slightly upward.
Actually the ShopNBC is RF19, logical 24. The signal is too low to get a lock most of the time. My TVFool report:http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...0b860ce0ca3e20
No luck picking up 22. I also noticed that I was getting dropouts on RF27 from Tacoma. So to balance things out I took my laptop along with Fusion5 USB tuner to the roof. I finally stroke a balance between RF35 (71 miles away - NW direction, front of the antenna) and RF27 (33 miles away - SW direction, rear of the antenna): The supplied signal checker is nice in that the "strength" is actually S/N ratio or quality and the number does not change with splitters or...
Rearanged my antenna. Now I'm picking up MeTV (12.1) and CoolTV (12.2) in addition to everything else. The antenna is pointed straight north. All the stations except physical 35 virtual 12.x are picked up by the rear of the antenna via the two lobes on the left and right on the gain graph:
Channel 46.1 http://www.hottvchannel.com/
To be fair, about 10 or so are totally blank with no content (33.100-33.400 and 46.2) and there are a lot of infomercials on other channels. But I do get 11 HD channels: 2xCBS,Fox,ABC,2xNBC,2xPBS,ION,CW,MyTv and some good action/retro SD channels: THIS,RTV,Antenna,HOT
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