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Fixed my VHF issues by adding the $20 C2V kit to my DB4e and using the supplied hardware and existing holes: My TV now reports 52 DTV channels (including subs) in Kirkland WA with a fair number of very tall trees around. Fox on ch.13 is now rock stable at 100% signal strengh.
yes, up to 15V
The WDTV runs directly on 12V, so I power it directly by splicing into the cigarette lighter cable. behind the glove box. I also use PAC IR-X infrared remote extender. The extender's transmitter and the WDTV is mounted permanently behind my glove box. The extender's sensor I mounted out of sight inside my air vent. Here you see a picture of the WDTV and it's power cable about to be spliced into my cigarette lighter cable (the two red arrows)
No this is the 5 series.
As you can see from the attached image, I use the WDTV permanently in my car. Since my GPS screen is rather small, it's often hard to read the small font text on the WD interface. Is there a way to increase the size of the fonts used by the interface so I can actually see all the song info, video info etc? I use it mostly with an iPod and a hard drive in the glove box. Thanks!
If the 4100SH supports VC-1 then you can probably just use TsRemux to remux the EVO into a transport stream file.
Quote: Originally Posted by RWetmore IMO, HD-DVD would be smart to offer 45GB discs ASAP. If they can do it, then Blu-ray genuinely offers no significant advantage (other than perhaps bandwith); however, 28mpbs VC-1 should be more than plenty for video. At 28mb/s a 30GB HDDVD will hold 2 hours and 26 minutes. At a more realistic 23mb/s (average rate, not peak) a 30GB HDDVD will hold over 3 hours. You can draw your own conclusion as to why the...
How to become a warbulator expert: - Open mouth - Insert foot - Chew - Repeat as necessary. :)
Sorry b2b, but the ball is in your court. I don't see anything in Ron's data that would contradict what Amir is saying. What do you see in this data that others don't? All we see is that 30mb/s bandwidth is enough for even MPEG2 to be transparent to the master.
Quote: Originally Posted by Escamillo I don't know about the algorithms, but from what I've read, H.264 requires twice the computation power to decode as VC-1 (which in turn requires twice the computational power as MPEG-2). This concerns me as a HTPC guy, as it would seem that you need twice as powerful a CPU to decode H.264 and/or work the CPU twice as hard, which increases heat and fan noise. Does anyone know whether this is a correct...
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