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Quote: Originally posted by ricka I dunno. The NULL packet stripping is all Leszek. If I recall correctly, tsp2sp doesn't strip all of the null packets out. It takes a running average of the bitrate and pads with enough null packets to maintain a constant, lower bit rate. --Rick Correct. :)
Remember that this was with the iris fully closed, bulb on auto, DVI-D input from a Radeon 9700 and the contrast fully optimized with colorfacts. All three (including DVI vs. VGA which bypasses the A/D converter stage and makes the analog contrast/brigtness settings in the service menu meaningless :)) make a huge difference. Originally I actually tried a couple of CC filters under colorfacts - 10R, 15R, 20R, 25R, 30R. I got the best gray scale tracking with 15R and the...
Subjectively, to me it does not look dimmer at all. But then again CC15R only reduces the light by 1/3 EV, so its going to be hard to notice if at all on my small screen (78")
Daniel, No I did not measure the lumens. Sorry, Leszek
Nathan, it's a little of both. In general the bulb technology used in most personal projectors is low in red. As a result you have to either compensate by reducing blue and green contrast, thus your overall contrast suffers, or you do not reduce blue and green and your gray scale suffers. The red filter allows you to compensate for the bulb output and allows you to raise the blue/green contrast close to their maximum values while maintaining good gray scale tracking. I...
Nathan, Gel is gel. It's neither resin nor polyester. Both, gel and resin have better optical quality than polyester. Both, polyester and resin are a lot more durable than gel. This makes resin the most desirable filter to have. It's also the most expensive, so you have to balance your needs. I use the following resin filter form B&H Photo: Lee 4x4" Red - CC15R - Color Compensating Resin Filter
I use the "Gel Snap" holder but not the way it was intended to be used. :) I simply use velcro between it and the top edge of the projector right above the lens. F.Y.I. For those considering polyester filters - don't. They warp under the heat from the projector and they reflect too much light back to the projector. Get a resin filter instead. I thought I would save $30 or so by going to the polyester. -- In the end I threw out the polyester and replaced it with a...
Is there a way in the NVIDIA video decoder to crop the 1088 line output to 1080 lines? I hate the gray bar on the bottom of my screen whenever I watch HDTV. I'm using the version of the decoder. Thanks, Leszek
To expand to what Steve and others said. When I got my projector, I found out that a CC15R is actually the best filter for the Z2 (do a search on my old posts, the info is there somewhere. ) Attached is the result of running Colorfacts calibration on my Z2 with a CC15R
Quote: Originally posted by Rick Guynn You will lose light when you do a proper calibration. Depends on the filter. For example if red is your limiting color, you add a red filter and calibrate. If red is still your limiting color then you have not lost any light as you have increased the green/blue light output to compensate for the green/blue loss of the filter. This of course assumes no red loss in the filter itself...
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