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Firewire is peer to peer. AVX-1 will not allow a handshake with the computer. You would have to write something similar to a network sniffer, except for firewire packets, if you wanted to capture that data. The data however is not encrypted.
Ron, If you haven't done so already, install XP service pack 1. It comes with DirectX 8.1b, which more likely than not had a bunch of fixes in the mstape dvhs driver. I was only getting blue screens on the rtm XP. SP1 has been a lot more stable for me when dealing with mstape. Leszek
Quote: Originally posted by Dawn On satellite broadcast? Yes. A bunch of us have recorded LOTR in HD on to DVHS from Dishnetwork PPV-HD channel. It even has the appropriate flags for software 3-2 pulldown removal, so you can get true 1080p with any Software MPEG2 decoder on a HTPC. :)
Quote: Originally posted by Dawn That's true, I'd forgotten. Well, I chose to ignore the issue. If they can't decide on a standard, I'm not sitting on my hands until they do. Besides, until LOTR is in HD I don't care... :D Wait a minute. I and many others have LOTR in HD and we have watched it on PLV-70. It does look awesome.
To my untrained eyes it looked like it was HD and not an upconvert.
Ron, Rick, The 169Time is also just a tuner device, yet installing it as a "tape" device works just fine for sending/receiving transport streams to/from the device. Maybe T165 can be installed as a "tape" device as well? Leszek
Quote: Originally posted by tubesguy Then I reread the post, and I see that you're doing the squeeze for 1080i, not for 480p. Does this mean that you're squeezing to increase the PQ on HD broadcast material? Correct. The quality increase is noticeable. Leszek
Quote: Originally posted by Quattro Are there the same issues with the Mitsubishi D-VHS players? None of the DVHS recorders have an ATSC tuner, so the same issue does not apply to any of them.
The 169Time DTC100 will output OTA signals directly to your computer via firewire. It will also accept signals from the computer via firewire for display purposes. You can think of it as an external HiPix/MyHD. You either get the internal version (HiPix/MyHD) or external version (169Time DTC 100). No need to get both. Remember that this will only work for OTA signals though. Leszek
I saw no difference between 7500 and 9000 in terms of image quality on DVD material. However I can only speak for myself. Your mileage may vary. Leszek
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