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Not to take this off topic, but I got to meet up with my friend Mike Parker 2 weeks ago and he did mention Steve B's audio was the best he had ever heard. ---and that ridiculous, python of a power cable to the projector. ;) It sounds like you have an awesome HT, Steve.
Walmart has this Cyberhome Upconverting player for under $90. Link to CH-DVD 655
Here's the lukewarm email and response I received from Algolith: Who knows, maybe they'll put something together. Hi Sir, Unfortunately, we don't, but it's a great idea! We'll keep it in mind. Davis Goodman support-post@algolith.com wrote: >Any chance you guys will sell filters that can be used in a PC with popular software DVD and HD players used in a home theater computer. We'll pay $$$$ for it. I guarantee it! Thanks. >...
I believe this to be the case, but was hoping someone would try and prove me wrong. Maybe a framework that allows this to plugin to ffdshow, etc. could be done. Far beyond the cope of anything I could fathom.
Anyway these plugins could be used in realtime for us? http://www.algolith.com/index.php?id=software&L=0
I thought the Panasonic Panasonic 97S does not upconvert via component. True?
what are the chances of upconversion on the component output for our CRT's? Slim? None? Otherwise very cool.
the 16x9 videomatte 200 microperf is around 57x97" (I will update exact dimensions tomorrow). the 4x3 ultramatte 150 is 82 1/4 x 108 3/4" Thanks for the interest, Please email me directly at dh @ speakeasy.org Doug Hagewood
Is this the appropriate place to Solicit trades for screens? I have two (a 16x9 microperf Videomatte 200 and a big 4x3 Ultramatte 150) that I can't use, but wasn't sure where to post this. These are material only with rivetted snaps which can be nailed to a frame or wall opening or get a new frame from Stewart. I can send pics. I am looking for a smallish 16x9 72-80" wide Pulldown or electric. If this belongs in the DIY screen section since it is not really a complete...
there used to be a site called philips syndicate, but I believe they are no more. Maybe someone else can help or knows if Philips Sydicate has been relocated.
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