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McIntosh MC8207 7 Channel Amplifier in excellent condition. Amplifier is extremely well built and looks great like all McIntosh equipment. One of the best sounding multichannel amplifiers available today. Amplifier is conservatively rated at 200 watts per channel all channels driven. If you search out some reviews, you'll see it provides even more power than in the specification. ELECTRONIC SPECIFICATIONS: POWER OUTPUT PER CHANNEL = 200W 4 or 8 Ohms NUMBER OF CHANNELS = 7...
Martin Logan Depth I Subwoofer in black in excellent condition. This is a true audiophile sub as it includes servo control and allows you to hook-up both two-channel and LFE connections simultaneously. This allows you to run both a two-channel preamp and homed theater processor to the sub at the same time. The Martin Logan Depth I includes the following features: » Rigid Aluminum-Cone Diaphragm » TriLinear™ Driver Array » BalancedForce™ Driver Alignment » Triple-Servo...
I just purchased the BDP-103D and connected my DirecTV HR34 DVR through the BDP-103D. Everything seems to work fine except I cannot get closed captioning to show up. When I connect the DVR directly to my preamp/processor, closed captioning works fine. I like to use closed captioning late at night when I am listening at lower volumes. There are just some shows - particularly some HBO shows like True Detective - where I have difficulty with some of the dialogue and...
Is there an easy way to integrate remote control for the PS4 that provides full functionality - play, pause, stop for Netflix and blu-rays? Does it allow full control via a web browser or an app? I would like to integrate the PS4 into my home theater, but not if I have to use the PS4 controller as the remote. Thanks
If I went the NAS route, what software do you recommend to control music playback?Thanks
I would like to connect the coaxial output from a Squeezebox Touch to the 105 and use the 105 as a DAC. As you suggested, I connect the 105's analog outputs to my preamp.The issue is that I have 192/24 files and I'm not sure how the Oppo would handle those files via coax.Thanks
The manual states that the Oppo only handles 96/24 via coaxial. I have a large number of 192/24 files (2-channel). What happens when you try to playback 192/24 files via coaxial? Does the player mute or downsample? It's a shame that coaxial has this limitation. Thanks
Thanks for the replies. One more question - is there a RoomPerfect curve suited for late night listening? I've used Dolby Volume with other processors and found it helpful for late night listening to maintain dialog intelligibility without disturbing others.
I'm considering the MX151. Should I be concerned that it is not 4k compatible or that McIntosh will come out with an upgraded unit in the near future? Also, I am planning on using the processor for TV/Movies only as I have a McIntosh C2500 for music. Does this seem like too large of an investment for TV/Movies only? I probably use my system more for TV/Movies, but music is more important to me. Thanks
Are other owners having issues with the triggers?I was able to get the connected unit to turn back on by toggling the trigger off then back on in the trigger setup screen for the source. I used my system for another 30 minutes without issue. Just very concerned that it shutoff in the first place.Thanks
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