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My factors were quality of signal, quality of hardware, viability of the company, ease of use, programming. XM won me over because of the wider range of products available. The reports also that Sirius had more quality issues than XM played a big role. I liked the fact that Sirius is commericial free albeit for $3 more per month...but the stations I listen to on XM most are laso commercial free. THose that are not have such limited commercials they may as well be. XW...
The RP82 give you big bang for the buck. If you want the same deck in a changer, go with the CP72. This will practically give you performance of machines costing $500 more (RP91).
I have had problems with DVD RAM media too untill I found one (Panasonic) that the e20 liked. I use Vivistar but I have also used perhaps a 1/2 dozen other brands of DVD R w/ no problems whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with Panasonic product. You obviously have some machines that had problems going in. Were they returns? Open box? Why haven't you had them repaired under warranty?
I have the E20 and have never had this problem. I'd make sure the unit is out of "Demo Mode" and then do a reset. If that doesn't fix the problem you should return it. My E20 has been flawless.
Ultimate Electronics has it. They will deal on price too. One of the few places that will haggle.
You obviously read the forum. Why are you asking this question?
There will always be something better around the corner. Just join the fun now and upgrade later. It is worth it. Early D-VHS owner Early Tivo owner Some what early HDTV owner Early E20 owner
There is Optical out and COAX (digital) out then.
No. Why would you want RF out anyway? Does the Sony play DVD-RAM like theRP-82?
I bought a handful on closeout at CompUSA. They were cheap and the jewelcase was of good quality. My E20 used it with no problems and playback on the RP82/ E20 is excellent.
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