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I contacted Madisound where I found the surround foams for the woofers and they confirmed the tweeters (MB Quarts) are no longer made. They recommended Morel MDT30S 1" textile doom tweeters. I decided to try them. They arrived today and were an easy fit in the Proac's. Nothing is going to match that square hole so Brian recommended I just use some felt with a sticky backing. You need to cut out the felt to fit in the corners. I also had some black sheet metal screws...
Did you ever find replacements for your tweeters. Mine are also dead. The only part # on the speaker is 95-6501.
Awesome news!!! 24 was one of the best dramas on TV. The rebooted season of Touch was not bad, but I much prefer to see KS back in as Jack.
I am having a hard time understanding the positive reviews of this cheesy show. And the subtitles is another annoyance. I am glad W/H 13 is still on and Revolution is awesome. Defiance is a 1 of 10 for me.
Just went through the same non-sense with the menu being greyed out. I finally got a different brand memory stick and it worked on the first shot. The stick that would not work was PNY. The stick that worked was Memorex.
No it's a Mirage MC-4. I am having 2nd thoughts on the bracket. It's only 6" deep which would require me also buying a new speaker plus the stand. And when I started thinking about how that's going to look on top of the TV I am not so sure I want to go that route. It also looks like it could be unstable. I would have to physically see one to really know.So if anyone still knows of any 4 1/8" high center that's 8 ohms let me know.
That's pretty cool. I never saw anything like that before. I think you have found my solution.
My fronts are Proac Super Towers and rears are Proac extended base tablets. I tried and did not like the sound with the center gone.
I had looked at the Yamaha. My concern was it's 6 ohms. I don't know much about that but from researching it didn't seem a good idea to put a 6ohm speaker on a receiver with 8 ohms. I don't know if my receiver can change ohms for just one channel. It's the Pioneer VSX -1121.
I would like to find a center channel speaker for a cabinet that won't allow anything higher than 4 1/8" and 7" deep. The depth could be slightly more but would hang out over the edge which would not be an issue. My current center channel (Mirage MC-4) is sitting very low (below a table between me and my couch) in the cabinet and I am not happy with the sound. I have not found much in size and decent quality that can fit in there.
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