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Problem solved. I downgraded my drivers to 12.1 and it fixed it. FYI you can't just install older drivers over newer ATI drivers, the install won't output an errors but it does not install them. You must manually delete the drivers to downgrade. Once I deleted the drivers and got 12.1 on the PC my HDMI audio works as expected. It's a known bug with anything greater than v12.1.
I have an ATI 6450 hooked up to a Pioneer VSX-1121 receiver via HDMI. It was working fine and for some reason started acting up this week. If I switch inputs on my receiver when I select my HTPC the sound is no longer working. The speaker icon in the system tray has a red X on it with "No speakers or headphones are plugged in". When I reboot the PC the audio comes back. I have HDMI control set to off on the receiver. I can't understand what was changed that could...
Awesome news!!! I am glad they canceled that stink bomb Terra Nova, it gave Fringe a much better chance of being renewed.
I also posted that the IR sensor on the 1121 is not great. I sit 9' from my 1121 and I can't leave my remote on the couch to control it. I have to pickup the remote and raise it above my shoulder to get a signal to it. I also use a Pronto TSU-9400 which has a very strong IR and it has the same problem. My receiver is in the same location that I had two prior receivers over the last 12 years and the other two worked perfectly in that location so I know it's the 1121.
After two release candidates the XBMC team has released XBMC v11 aka Eden. Read the release here: http://xbmc.org/natethomas/2012/03/24/xbmc-11-0-eden/
There is no risk imaging the drive over. It's just how much old stuff is on the current drive that you may not need. If you were to move the drive to a new PC then you should do a clean install.
A good freebie for imaging hard drives is Macrium Reflect. I don't understand "you loaded Win 7 on a clean drive". Is that the new larger drive you bought? I always go for clean installs especially if the current OS has lots of apps on there you don't want anymore. But if you loaded Win7 recently on a smaller drive and want to clone it to a larger drive that should be fine.
Turn the firewall off for testing. Windows 7 is awkward to setup without passwords. You need to change a network setting using gpedit.msc. Do you have another PC to verify blank passwords are working? Here is a walk through on changing the shares for blank passwords:http://blog.qdigi.com/2012/02/window...g-with-no.html
I just realized I don't run AV either on my HTPC because any downloads I get for it are from my main desktop which runs MSE. The only apps on my HTPC are XBMC, EventGhost and TightVNC.
Same here it's all I need.
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