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What's amazing is the work laptop must have the same settings. Do have any idea why those services were disabled?
WOW, didn't expect that. I would uninstall/disable that Twonky server and any other servers you might have installed. disable the firewall on your PC (does your work PC use the same firewall?) try the net use command line to see exactly what error code is returned and then google the result from start run type cmd net use z: \\\\\\iTunes_Music (check my spelling on folder name)
That would be great if you could borrow another computer. I can't imagine it's the NAS drive. I own three of these things and they work great with very few kinks.
After re-reading that thread it may not fix it. It's for fixing the displaying of the folders view from the webpage. Your call if you want to try the beta.
I just found out your firmware has a known issue with folders not being accessible. Try upgrading to 5.03.07 (beta) and let's see if that fixes it. I am still running 5.01.04. http://db.tt/QEg9b9dy Discussion is over here: http://forum.thecus.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3173
Check your workgroup under ADS support (screen shot included). I am not sure the workgroup matters but make it the same as your PC. Reboot the NAS if you change it. Also disable IP sharing and unplug the LAN2 for now. No need to complicate matters. I would also reboot after making those changes.
What is the XBMC PC hooked up to for a receiver? Does the receiver support DTS/DD? Also were you using a TOS connection or just stereo plugs?
This is weird, so you can see the web interface from the XP PC. But that same PC cannot see the folder shares. You mentioned it prompts for a password trying to map a drive but at the command prompt you just get a network error which makes no sense. Please post a screen image of your shares. (Storage, share folders). Also review your System Information, System log, maybe an error is being logged. Also which port on the back is your network cable plugged...
What kind of error do you get when trying to see the folder?
Are your folders public? From system information, status is SMB/CIFS running? Can you explain more about how you uploaded files to the 4100 via Twonky? And is Twonky running on a different PC?
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