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I have repaired my power supply 3X and replaced the DMD board. Mine is still alive, and used daily.
Android potential is interesting and all, but I bought the echo to be an MC extender. At least for me, the killer app for MC is commercial skipping. Furthermore, Andy VT's commercial skip add-in is very mature, with a host of valuable features that make it awesome. Even IF (BIG IF) somehow Ceton comes out with an Android release that actually has commercial skipping, it is doubtful that it will be as powerful as what we have today in MC with the comskip add-in. Is it...
My Biggest echo Complaint: That pause when skipping forward or skipping back. I am still primarily using my old Linksys because, for some unfathomable reason, the several years old Linksys recovers from skips forward and back almost immediately, while the echo takes what seems like a half second or so. Seems minor, but when you are skipping around a lot (I do) that delay makes it hard to "land" where you want. This has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread. Again,...
Yeah, cant get to the download page for the Settings plugin.
Thanks for all the feedback on Harmony remotes. I am going to check out a Harmony One. Yes, I did remove the plastic film from the front of the echo.
Harmony Remote Question: Which Harmony models are people using successfully with the echo? I have a 670 and a 620 (pretty much the same remote), and both do not work well with the echo. I am using the Harmony Media Center remote profile, as recommended by Ceton. YES, I went through all the Harmony troubleshooting options ("unit responding too much or not enough", etc) and tried every option in the troubleshooting, no luck. In a nutshell, it either responds too much...
Great point. We wouldn't want a forum to become a place where people share experiences and advice....Wait, yes we would. Just trying to help.
Don't buy a Harmony. Although some claim success, myself and few others have problems. You have to point the harmony away from the echo to get it to respond somewhat consistently. May depend on the model. YMMV
Pretty sure that the list option was always there. The first time you go into recorded TV, you get that popup notifying you of the option to view as a list. This is how it as ALWAYS been with Win7. I wonder if this update just somehow reset that "first time" bit, so you go prompted again? Although you never know, I HIGHLY doubt MS is adding any new features, assuming they are really making ANY updates to MC at all...........
True Dat!I GUESS if you want to use your PC as an HTPC and for regular PC duties, AND really want to try Win8, than it would be frustrating that the echo does not work with it, but for my dedicated HTPC, Win8 will not get anywhere near it!
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