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BUMPAGE......pro pics of completion soon.....
This is not a homemade screen. This is a Carada screen with the brilliant white 1.4 gain 2.40: 1 scope screen. Hundred and 15 inches diagonal. All of this equipment was moved from another house and into this basement and it worked out barely perfect. It is quite nice to have all my original gear work in this new place.
Thanks a lot you guys! It was a lot of work for sure, but it has already given me tons of enjoyment. I spent at least 2 hours just measuring and calculating to see if the projector would not interfere with seats and heads, especially with the anamorphic lens and with it being mounted so low. The projector had to be mounted 16 feet back from the screen just to accommodate the lens! Pro pics to come soon. Thanks for the high praises
Like I said, 98% done!!! I hope you've enjoyed the show! :eek:
Definately coming together!
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