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I really doubt that a high shutter speed would cause that. If you look at the motion from the moving vehicle, that looks like the result of 24/25p. A high shutter speed will usually give a different look to high speed motion.
Guys complaining about blown out 'accents'- One. He no longer posts here. Reread those and you'll see it was one guy, a non-owner, who constantly complained about that. I'm not aware of any owners complaining about blown highlights. File sizes- Again, one or two non-owners. Files sizes are exactly 2X that of a typical HD camcorder. If you're not happy with the prospect of getting 4X the resolution for 2X the file size, stop reading here, you've answered your...
I could care less about YouTube upload speeds. If that was my governing motivation, I wouldn't get quality cameras. I always try to shoot with the best settings possible on quality equipment and I do the same when editing. Otherwise why get nice equipment? But if quality isn't a concern, then all bets are off.
I think he was a bit over the top with his colors, but at least they didn't look brown as they do when so many guys grade their BM videos. So I'd say the colors were pleasing, if perhaps not accurate. I'd love to see some clips from whatever the "Standard" picture profile is. That would give you an idea as to how the GH4 is cooking its colors internally. That's probably how I'd use the camera as I wouldn't have any intention of doing serious grading.
So Joe, this is, IMO, by far the best GH4 video I've yet seen. It's also one of the first that allows you to download the original. Very nice sharpness & detail and beautiful color. Of course I'm not sure what was done in the grading process and it would be nice to see the native clips, but still, it's a beautiful video.I got a fair amount of stutter and wasn't sure if that was the Panasonic codec causing it. I say that because in the past, even Panasonic AVCHD cams I've...
I'm getting 3.
True. I do place more value on HDMI 2.0 than cinema 4K. But if you can both, why not.
So I joined Mark in the Dell 23.8" 4K monitor adventure. It is quite a treat seeing the AX100 videos in true UHD resolution. The color and clarity are really stunning. The colors appear quite a bit more saturated than when viewed on a standard HD monitor and I'm not sure if that's due to the Dell presenting 100% of the color gamut or seeing the 4K colors that the AX100 has always been recording, for the first time on a calibrated 4K monitor. Aside from the added...
I don't know Joe, I can't get too excited about Cinema 4K. It's such a relatively minor difference between UHD and Cinema 4K in terms of both resolution & aspect ratio, it doesn't get me too excited. But I'd suspect that all the new 2014 4K Sonys will do it since the 850 series is on the lower end of Sony's 4K TV lineup.
I knew I wasn't crazy. That's why I was the first here waging battles with a few who insisted the AX100 had artifacts, did not have true 'resolution' but rather phony over-sharpening and now, the latest, tan-brown colors. Some of these people are just phonies and others are probably seeing what they're seeing because of poor edits and poorly calibrated monitors.
New Posts  All Forums: