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They are. That's why I said to him if you're looking for 'cartoon colors', which the Olympus grab he posted is, then the AX100 is not for you. I think that's precisely the issue, he's looking for super-saturated, unrealistic colors. I know some landscape guys love to have those very poppy colors and they don't care if it's accurate.But beyond that, the only way to compare 2 cameras is to compare them side by side, at the same location, same time of day, same season and...
Chris, glad to see you're 'getting up to speed' with your computer. Sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun. Greenwavepaul, I agree, but carrying a tripod is a tough proposition for run n gunners.
I just don't know why someone that's returned a camera with a 'tiny VF' and thinks its color is brown and weak, is still here. What is your real purpose? Don't you see you've convinced no one and have just made yourself look foolish? SD90, you have zero concept of the differences of shooting at different times of the day, different locations, different seasons and different sky conditions. Your A/Bs are not A/Bs at all. I suggest you develop an understanding of what an...
You're probably right Rick, but a frightening thought.
Thanks Gene, it was a Canon XA10
For SD90-This was the 3rd clip I ever shot with the AX100. Purple skies? Hardly. But this won't dissuade SD90, you can bet on that. Native 4K clip, no editing, can be downloaded. Colors were as I saw them. Nothing atypical here, just normal AX100 footage:
Just measured mine:With the lens hood attached: LxWxH- 8 3/4 x 3 1/8 x 3 1/4Without the lens hood: LxWxH- 7 5/8 x 3 1/8 x 3 1/4
SD90, honestly, truly, there is no orange-brown cast. There just isn't. And it certainly wouldn't create purple skies it there were. Two mutually incompatible theories. Your complaints are all over the place: Purple skies, desaturated colors and a 'noticeable orange-brown cast'. Which is it?. It absolutely amazes me how you discount the fact that no other owner sees it, there is video after video like the one I just posted that absolutely, positively shows that is NOT the...
No, it was almost certainly because the camera was very poorly white balanced in addition to being poorly exposed. Anyone can see the pink snow, pink trees and purple skies cry out of a poorly white balanced and exposed setting. Nothing to do with the range of RGB. The video I posted above was very indicative of the typical sky colors recorded by the AX100 and looked absolutely nothing like the review video.White balance pure & simple.
Here's just one of many clips on YouTube that show perfectly natural skies without the tint seen in the review. It also happens to be quite indicative of how the AX100 registers sky color. I'm trying to upload one of mine that shows precisely the same thing, but I'm currently having issues with Vimeo. If you're seeing this as purplish, there is unquestionably something wrong with your monitor (as some of us have suspected for quite some time). As a point of information, I...
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