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Anyone know if these are available at stores in Canada yet??
I would like to know if anyone has compared the two as well.
My 65VT50 was delivered last night, looks great and I cannot hear any buzz at all. It is a November 2012 build. Input some settings I found here and played around a bit, so far it looks great.
Thank you for the response and that sounds like what I would have to do as well. I want to buy a new Harmony touch to control it all and wanted to make sure I could hit one button (watch blurry for example) and the sound bar and TV would get the code from the remote that it was connected via HDMI one on the bar and going into the ARC HMDI connection on the TV without any toggling of inputs having to be done. Just to confirm, that is how your system is working.
That sounds good, do you have three components hooked up? So it would go HDMI from a STB, Bluray player, XBOX and then connect to the TV via the ARC connection, is that correct. Also, you can now set up the Harmony so that you can choose hdmi input one (bluray as an example) and it switches everything for you without having to toggle?? Hope my question makes sense.
Well, finally went and ordered my TV today. My previous Samsung died and could not be repaired. My 65VT50 will be delivered Thursday evening.
Anyone purchased one of these in Canada recently?? I am in Ontario so any pricing information would be appreciated.
I know we aren't permitted to discuss pricing in this thread but could someone PM me with what I should expect to pay for the 70 inch model here in Canada. Our Best Buy stores here don't carry them, no Magnolia, just the regular TV displays. I am in Ontario if that is helpful.
But it is nice to know that power is always there should you ever need it:) Probably would be overkill for what I want but I keep getting drawn to it for some reason, any other recommendations??
That was not an accident, I phoned ahead and made sure they took good care of you:)Now about that discount on the 70 inch Elite:D
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