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Did you use the remote, or the buttons on the top?
I just changed my lamp as well. I can't get the timer reset to work, and I followed the manual as far as I can tell. Any tips? Thanks!
When they told me they couldn't exchange it for BR simply because they won the war, I tried to argue that part of the reason I was exchanging it is that it does not play rentals very well (scratch sensitive). They said they could send it to Toshiba for repair. Maybe in another year, if Toshiba is not making HD-DVD players anymore, you might be able to get Toshiba to swap it for their BR player when you send it in for "repair."
Well, I west to BB with my A1. I was very skeptical when I bought the warrantee that I would be able to exchange it for a BR player, but the sales associate told me over and over I would be able to. SHE LIED! The good news is that I was able to call the corporate office and get the entire warrantee amount refunded. So I got $80 back, and got to keep my A1, so I won't loose money selling the 5 HD-DVD titles I had purchased over the last year. Not the outcome I was...
I paid $499 for my A1 a year and a half ago. I never buy the warrantee plans, but the lady at Best Buy talked me into it saying that if HD-DVD lost, I could exchange it for a BR player. I'll be taking my A1 and receipt to Best Buy soon and hopefully exchanging it for another PS3.
I have the Mack Bulb service contract. Hopefully they will get me a new bulb quickly.
My RS-1 has 1322hrs. Always run on low with high fan. Today I noticed the light output would vary. It would be normal, and then suddenly get a little dimmer. A short while later it would become normal, then dim a little again. Is the bulb getting ready to go? Is this the sign of another problem? Thanks.
Funny, that is what I said initially. I had Netflix default to HD-DVD when it had the option. Then I discovered that Blu-ray discs don't come scratched the way DVDs and HD-DVDs do, and my PS3 ALWAYS plays rentals perfectly, unlike my A1. Now I only use HD-DVD if the movie is not available in BD. I am thinking about using my buyer protection plan at Best Buy to trade my A1 for the A35, in the hopes of getting better play back of scratched rentals....
My Dad has built a dedicated home theater in his house. The projector ceiling mount is too far back for him to use the IN82. I have an RS-1 with about 500 hours on it, and I'm starting to want more lumens (I can still change to high lamp mode). I'm thinking about selling him my RS-1, and getting the IN82 for myself. Unlike him, I don't have a dedicated home theater. My carpet is light, the ceiling is white (with a black curtain on the ceiling directly in front of the...
Cool. Can you tell the screen is tilted when you are watching it?
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