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Man, I feel for you guys. I wouldn't be happy either if my bulb lasted less than 800 hours. I had 1700 on my Panny 900U before I replaced it, and it was still working....
Well, BR discs in the PS3 are fine. I put in a SD-DVD, and I have to increase brightness (confirmed with Get Gray). Cable and HD-DVD are all at the same brightness setting too (like the BR). So I'm not going to change my projector settings for 1 of 4 possible media options. I guess I could do more careful testing/comparing, but I don't want to spend the time. I'll just pop the SD-DVDs in my HD-A1 and call it a day.
I compared the PS3 with the HD-A1 using Star Wars Episode 1 on my RS-1 projector. The PS3 was too dark, and not as sharp as the HD-A1. So while I prefer BR to HD-DVD, for upscaling SD-DVDs, I will continue to use the HD-A1.
Thanks. Missed that one. I've avoided the Blu-ray/HD-DVD area for a while because I got tired of all the mud slinging, and since I have both, I don't really give a Sh$t anymore.Now you are embarassing yourself. Plenty of projectors out now that accept 24fps, including my RS-1. I don't want to endure judder if I don't have to, so I use my PS3 for HD content whenever possible.
BD is the only camp providing 24fps playback right now. My PS3, that I paid $350 for in January (thanks to the $150 credit card rebate at the time), not only plays without hanging up (unlike my HD-A1), but it is infinitely upgradeable as the BD format evolves, and Sony just proved they are serious about it with their latest FW. The same thing can't be said for my HD-DVD player, that hasn't had a firmware fix in months....
Not to mention the hardcoat on BD that protects your investment much better than what you get on HD-DVD. My HD-DVD player is quickly becoming a door stop. My PS3 plays every disc perfectly, now with judder free 24fps, and other Netflicks customers can toss the discs around all they want. With BD, there is never a scratch on them.
I tried the new PS3 firmware, with 24fps output, on my RS-1 last night. As someone else mentioned, because 24fps is a little slow, there is still the smallest amount of judder. However, it is MUCH, MUCH better than 3:2. I was switching back and forth on the scrolling credits at the end, and 24 was nearly perfect. Switching back to 60 and doing a direct comparison was painful. Switching back and forth made the old judder unbearable. FYI, the RS-1 doubles the Hz and...
YEAH BABY!!!! I'm getting perfect 24fps output on my RS-1!! The projector says 48Hz, so it is doubling it. After watching my movie, I was marveling at how smoothly the credits were rolling. For fun, I turned 24 fps off, and restarted the credits, and my eyes could hardly take the judder!!! Projector said 57 Hz (if I remember right). Needless to say, I changed it right back! Thank you Sony!!!!!!
Never tried it, but unlike trying to stack to Pearls, with the RS-1, you would just have to get close manually, and then use the convergence adjustment feature to quickly line up projector 2 pixels to number 1.
How about stacking two RS-1?
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