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Does anyone have recommendations on DirecTV installation? Are there better installers in the St. Louis area?
So am I one of the few people that still has a Moxi box? I love having the extra capacity with an external drive. Also: any chance Charter will ever turn on connectivity to the "Watch Disney Channel" and "Watch Disney Junior" iPad apps?
I've run into the same thing before. FOUR times (yes four) Charter has incorrectly turned off my HDTV service because someone in my building has moved. Every single time Charter support has acted like it was my fault.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
The lack of NHL HD is irritating.
I got the regular mail announcement about the massive channel lineup overhaul scheduled for April. While I'm happy about the channel additions; the remapping and having to update all DVR season passes will mean a lot of work. Any further details?
When will the channel be available?
Commercials are also a sore spot. -Ads for the new movie "Source Code" are especially bad. Lots of quick edits and explosions look very bad on all Charter channels. OTA looks tons better. -Ads for the new Lexus hybrid wagon also feature tons of macroblocking on Charter. Once again numerous quick edits and scene changes create lots of problems.
I really hope this is taken care of.
The movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" on USA-HD. The jungle chase scenes in particular.
I've noticed the same thing. Concerts on Paladia (CH799) have become unwatchable. I'm watching the most recent Indiana Jones movie on USA (CH786) as I type this and all the fight/chase scenes break up horribly.I was looking forward to the new channels but not any more. It's obvious the bandwidth allocation has greatly degraded picture quality.
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