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Plus imdb.com lists "I, Robot" as filmed with Super 35. So you could be getting everything that was filmed: just opened up.
On the Spike SD channel they are now showing the CSI: repeats in letterbox.
My friends are located in a suburb of St. Louis. The problem occasionally occured before there were leaves on the trees and got worse in the last two weeks since we got green around here. (A few weeks late.) Problem occurs in all weather.
I have friends who have Dish and they are unable to get certain HD channels. TBS-HD, CNN-HD and others seem to the problem. However they still get stuff like Sci-Fi HD and ESPN-HD fine. When you switch to the bad channels the receiver goes into a mode where it says unable to find signal and goes searching through the transponders for about a minute or two. It seems like Satellite 129 is not received. Has anyone run into this? Is it an issue -with the dish being...
I saw the "U2 in 3D" movie out at the Chesterfield Galaxy. It was amazing
Big thanks to Doug. I added it to my calendar.
Oh you're funny. Charter? Only if Universal gives it to them for free.
Hilton Garden Inn-New Orleans French Quarter on Poydras. 32" Visio LCD with a COX HD box bolted to the back. However everything on it was stretched SD. Yeah.
Oh, it will peak something. *rimshot*
You guys ever going to get U-Verse rolled out to Clayton? You'd figure with all the density, high-rises and income levels it would be high on the list. Then again I live in an area of Clayton where the fastest DSL I can get is the 1.5meg package.
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