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Certain channels have issues. She has zero technical knowledge and couldn't explain it well. I left her a legal pad and paper so she can write down the signal issue: -date/time -channel -what happened -the weather
My mom has DirecTV HD setup and having some issues with her installation. She has the big 5 LNB dish but she claims to have some signal issues. I checked the signal strength and got the following: 101 degrees = 94% 110 degrees = 94% 119 degrees = 97% 103 (a) and (b) = 0% 99 degrees = 0% I'm a Charter user so I'm a DirecTV noob: can anyone offer some help?
So still no FSN-MW-HD from Dish? WTF!?!
So is KNLC available in digital yet/ I didn't think they were but found this on Revered Larry Rice's website.I didn't they were up and running yet, but this makes it look like they are. Any info?
When the commissioner sucks a**, it's a good thing. Bettman has been booed for years, even pre-lockout season.
Finally got 4.1 last night. Messed around for a few minutes this morning and really like the improvements. Next stop: newegg.com for an external drive.
Yep, checked this morning. No love in Dogtown.No to all of the above.
There is a St. Louis HDTV-Charter thread that was split off from this one a few months ago. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...8#post10720208 The upgrade from the old 3.2 firmware to the new 4.1 has been hit and miss in St. Louis. Seems like outer suburbs have gotten it while the city and inner suburbs are out of luck. In Dogtown/HiPointe I'm still stuck on the old version. The upgrades:
No upgrade last night: still 3.2 in Dogtown.
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