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Can someone please explain why the FCC would do this for Charter? What makes them so special? Could it be some give-and-take for allowing AT&T to roll out video?
Are you talking about the apartments behind Linens and Things on the northwest corner of Clayton/Brentwood? If you are you should be able to get it. I had a buddy who lived over there and he had DSL. Check again with them.
I know CRT is the tops, but please find me a 50" HDTV widescreen CRT monitor.
No I didn't; what's you first choice?
One strange thing. While cable is out I can still watch programs recorded on my Moxi DVR. However once you start watching you can't pause, stop, fast forward or rewind. It gives an error message saying that option is not available at this time. This got me thinking and it's pretty clear this mean that Charter could turn off the fast forward during certain programming if they wanted to make you watch commercials.
North facing apartment with a nazi landlord. Stuck in Charter hell.
Let's see: one small thunderstorm with no wind or hail and my Charter cable goes out (once again). Power, phone and DSL okay though. Anyone who talks about Dish or DirectTV going out during a storm needs to shut up. A mouse farts in Wentzville and my Charter goes out here in Dogtown. (The post-it note next to the desk has my Charter outages this year at 7. Time to add another tick mark and make it 8.)
Not Yamaha, but here are some HDMI 1.3/DTS-HD/DD-True HD onboard receivers from Onkyo.
I've been trolling the receivers forum about an '08 Yamaha that does HDMI 1.3/DTS-HD/DD-True HD onboard and there's been nothing. Keeping my eyes peeled though.
I dunno. But I do know Denon is coming out with a 2808, 3808 and 4308 later this year that will do HDMI1.3 switching and DDTrueHD and DTS-HD onboard. There's a thread over in the Receivers forum about the 08 Denon receivers.
New Posts  All Forums: