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Some have mentioned to look for the Dolby Digital logo, but I find this method is seriously flawed. The only reason to tell for sure, is to use the diagnostic menu. I would tune both tuners to a 2-99 channel (these used to show analog in the diag menu). When I go into the diag screen now, it shows as QAM256 rather than analog. Per post from Andyross: If you have a 6412/3412, turn the box off and back on. This will guarantee you are on tuner 1. Tune into the channel you...
Looks like they've switched me to ADS here in Aurora. Last time I checked around Christmas time my 2-99 channels were still analog on my two 6412's. I had noticed the picture quality seemed to have improved the past week or so. I checked today and my 2-99 channels are now reporting at digital on my 6412. Excellent! Wonder how much I'll have to pay for a digital tuner box down the road when they shut down the analog signal. I still have two analog TV's in my house...
In Chicago the picture quality was a major mess. I was getting some major ghost effects while watching Surface, and I could almost see boxes on my screen with also a lot of weird colors. Is NBC dropping the ball again, or is it just me? All my other channels looked great.
Does anyone know what Comcast is going to charge for these DCT-700 boxes when they cut off the analog signal? When they do cut off analog I will need two more digital boxes (one for my kitchen TV, and one for my basement TV). Thanks! Brad
Seems like my IND2 channel in my guide has been showing "To be announced" for the past couple weeks. I didn't notice when it happened, but it's starting to be annoying. Anyone else?
Never seen a Meta-6 error. Jan, sounds like you got a FUBAR'ed setup at home or something. You've gone through like 16 replacement boxes and you still have problems. You keep talking about digiplexers, combiners, flux capacitors, and all kinds of weird stuff. Why don't you get rid of all that junk? Run some quality RG-6 from the outside to your box with no other gizmos in the path.
I've been watching HD programing OTA for the last 3 or 4 years when the stations starting coming online digitally in Chicago. I've recently changed to Comcast and ditched my DirecTV and my OTA antenna. The picture via Comcast looks identical what I've been watching OTA the past few years with less hassle.
Jan, I lost track of what your problem is like 10 or 15 posts ago. No offense, but it sounds like there are problems on both ends... yours and Comcasts. BTW: Channel lists are available on the Comcast web site.
I live in Aurora, and my 6412 time is sync'ed to atomic time. I can't ask for better than that. If the networks don't use the same time, then I can't complain to Comcast. I've haven't had any problems with start/end times.
Or just leave your 6412 powered on all the time. You will have a lot less problems if you just leave it on.
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