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Its usually best to calibrate the display. I would leave the player at its default and just adjust the display.What displays on the player do you want to adjust that are not on the projector? Outside of Darbee. Not a fan of what Darbee does, but I do like the video smoothing, which seems to only work on SD content. To see it in action:1. Select scaling under Advanced Video -> SD Evaluation -> Scaling.2. Turn on demo mode on the player and set video smooth to +3.Demo mode...
Could I ask everyone that has purchased a disc for a favor? Can you go to Amazon.com and leave a review. Good, bad, or otherwise, thank you.
Equal Energy Gamut has 25, 50, 75, and 100% color windows.
I would contact http://www.sceniclabs.com/ and they can probably ship to Romania.
The standard is 2.4 as defined in BT.1886. The problem is some content is 2.4 and others is 2.2 and others is who knows what. My display has both built in, but I watch 99.9% of the time at 2.4. If I watch an HBO show I switch to 2.2 because I know they currently grade on 2.2 calibrated displays. 2.2 will come out of black sooner and the checker will be more visible from further away. At 2.4 it will be more dim. The checker was really intended for DLPs where the 16 box...
The visibility of the checker is related to gamma. If your display has the proper 2.4 gamma curve, then it will be barely visible from the viewing position on the low APL pattern. You may not see it at all on the two other grayscale patterns because of the higher APL caused by the brighter border. Most important thing is two bars on the left invisible and two on the right visible.
Blu-ray does not officially support xvColor and when we authored we had no way to signal it.
I have seen the demos on their website. I will be getting a 103D to test out. I agree with Don, a technology like Darbee would be better applied in post by the filmmaker so it has the level of sharpness they intended.
I once read that Darby works in RGB. My only concern on the OPPO would not being able to bypass Darby processing and a color conversion if you don't want it. I have not had a chance to ask OPPO about it yet.
I have never looked at a Darby, so I can't comment.
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