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Hi guys I just bought a new tsu 7500 from ebay. Found out that it had no cradle. Can someone point me where to get a cradle ? Thanks James
what is dplIIx ? Thanks James
Hi Guys I have a set of M&K 150 for LCR . I also use and Integra DVD player for source, Pioneer 49Tx and Anthem MC5. The problemis I find the M&K not too good for the high freq sounds. The tweeters on them seem dead. I added some external tweeters from Radioshack which help but no a great deal. Should I add an amp for the tweeters alone or get better external tweeters (does anyone know who makes good external one ?). The funny thing is sometimes the high freq...
These are for a community library,so we need as many as we can, we want to start with 500-1000 mostly late movies
Hey Moe I need to buy them many at once may 100-500 at once
Hey guys I need to start a huge collection of DVds, new and old. could someone link me to a whole saler of some sort Thanks james
guys i might be moving to Europe where most use 220, what can I do so I can continue using my belove equipment ? thanks james
Hey Mstanic how much are you getting the 49tx. I thought the upgrade for 5800 is 800 only ?
I was going to use another behringer analog product to tame my cd playing. I seem to have too high mid freq . Could you make me understand how adding an external eq on analog domain adds noise if I am to get a decent eq ?
I just bought a Feedback destoyer hoping to tightenup my bass from my infinity 1000watt sub. The Feedback destroyer is such a complex thing I am about to change it for the Behringer Ultrabass 1200 which apparently helps with bass trightning. Can anyone give me their input ON THE ABOVE EQUIPMENT
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