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The Rs-45 does do stretch on 3D. Confirmed with mine last night.
Well I know the RS40 could not do the vertical stretch while in 3D mode. Trying to confirm if the RS45 can or not. Has anyone tried this directly? I have the Oppo 93 that can do the vertical stretch on anything other than 3D (seems processor is not power enough to do both at same time). IF I am going to watch 3D, I would want to watch it in OAR. I guess I could always leave my lens in passive mode and use the zoom method for 3D.
Ok, I guess a better way to ask the question is: can you you do vertical stretch while displaying 3D content ( or in 3D mode)?
I am just days away from getting my RS45 installed and I am wondering if it can do vertical stretch on java-3D titles. I know my Oppo 93 can not do it. Thanks!
Nathan, I will PM you a name of a company that can help you here in the Mechanicsville area. Rodney
Hi Drew, I was just wondering the other day if Bob Dillow from Premiere had been able to help you. Did you two ever get a chance to speak? Take care, Rodney
I provided Drew with a name of a custom installer/ integrator (in Richmond) that I have worked with in the past. He will work with the customer for a solution, not just a $ale. If anyone wants the name, please PM me. Thanks, Rodney
Is anyone else still experiencing problems with WTVR-6 HD over DirecTV? I keep getting intermittent audio drops or glitches about every 15-20 seconds. (only channel and happens on all STBs). Really annoying.
We saw it on our Tivo OTA copy of America's Got Talent. I checked signal strength and it was pegged at 92 with no fluctuations. I was thinking I might need to re-adjust antenna since power increase, but after looking at meter it seemed fine. Might be a network or WWBT reception/ transmission issue.
I am now receiving WWBT-12 on my amp'd rabbit ears hooked up to my computer. I don't even have the aerials extended. I live in Mechanicsville. Thanks, Rod319
New Posts  All Forums: