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I got my Redray today and will post impressions later this week.
Ok, then it does not get much bigger for a 2.4:1 screen. I'm using a 16:9 screen for that reason since it can pretty much cover the whole front wall which then disappears and becomes a big image.
I prefer a bigger screen (relative to room) and a black hole.
Not a bit rate problem in the first place. This kind of material needs the right amount of dither added to spread the error around and make it random, together with a high bit rate. They just took the 10 bit master or whatever was used and reduced to 8 bit without proper dither.This is the second BD for a Chandor film that was screwed up in the BD mastering stage. "Margin Call" had a wrong black level.
As far as I'm concerned this BD should be recalled and properly remastered for 8 bit. Horrible banding like this is not acceptable and avoidable. Worst I have seen so far on BD.
24 fps to 23.97 should have no effect on image quality at all. The images are simply played a bit slower. Sound is affected though since it needs to be resampled and pitch corrected. Not ideal.
Either the cinema actually showed more detail than the BD at home or projection there sucked. Inevitable conclusion from the fact they have a source with upto twice the spatial detail of a BD. Whether you remember that detail correctly and can actually reliably compare it to what you see at home is another issue.Concerning 4K BD versus 1080p BD, yes the 4K BD can show significantly more detail than the current offering from WB since it can accommodate full 2K resolution...
Theaters have the better digital source than any BD can be. That's a fact. Better contrast and black level is due to your projector, not the BD being superior to what the theater had or being a really good BD in general. Better detail at home means the projection at the theater sucked (for whatever reason out of several possible). Does not make the BD automatically a top one. With the given specs for it it won't be garbage, but neither on the quality level one would expect...
Compression artifacts clearly visible on stills don't just disappear in motion. They affect the overall clarity, sharpness and smoothness of the image. They remove fine detail and replace it with noise. Warner went the cheap way again with downgraded sound and image quality so they could squeeze all on one BD50 together with the supplements. That does not mean it sounds or looks 'horrible', just not as good as BD and the master would allow.
I had the same problem. The only way I could fix it was to get a working cable and converter and complete the upgrade. Maybe there is a combination of buttons you can press to leave the upgrade mode. Your JVC dealer should be able to find out.
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