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Quote: Originally posted by ralphyboy So are these going to be $369 at Best Buy when they get them too? Who knows? Heck, they are not even available at CC for $369 anymore so it is unlikely. As I and others have posted previously, this is a very good value at $369; at the current $550 there are several other options that offer better value IMO.
Quote: Originally posted by sangs OK, granted I came late to the party here, but I wanted to take a look at this STB just to compare since I don't need another one yet. But the link Ken H provided takes me to the Hughes box on the CC website, but the price is $549. That's a lot higher than you guys have been discussing. Did they decide to jack up the price overnight? Yes, it would appear CC jacked up the price almost $200 overnight. IMO the...
Quote: Originally posted by JCCool What number did you call when you got your service credit? I've tried to different numbers and two different reps and they both said that they do not do any kind of service credit for going out and buying our own HD equipment? Thanks, JCCool Call D* and ask to speak with a customer rentention rep. Each CR rep. is authorized to credit up to $200 to "retain" a disgruntled customer. Be pleasant and courteous. ...
Quote: Originally posted by JimP Does that mean that from the savings, you have to arrange for you own dish and installation? No, because customer rentention also provided the new AU2 3LNB oval dish free, including installation.
D* will send either a Samsung TS160 or Hughes E86. However, instead of ordering the $399 package, I had customer retention give me a $200 credit when I activated an HD receiver. I just ordered the new Hughes HLTHD for $369 from circuitcity.com. :D
I just ordered one from CC.com. With my $200 credit from D* customer retention, the box is down right cheap. Although I would like the RF remote, I can work around that. My biggest concern is that the E86 comes with a 2yr. warranty but the new HTLHD only comes with a 3/12 mos. warranty. While the pricing trend is welcomed, the shorter warranty period is not a good sign.
FWIW, while back in LA for the 4th of July holiday, I happened to play golf with a Pioneer PR rep. We discussed HD for a few holes and then unprompted the rep told me that Pioneer would be out of the RPTV market within a year, because they wanted to concentrate on Plasma. In his words, "who wants a big black box sitting in their living room?" His view was that Plasma's prices would fall sufficiently to make it affordable for the masses.
Thanks for the info. I probably should have explained a little more: I'm fairly well versed in HD hardware and know what I want. I was hoping that somebody knew of a local store who would deal. Best Buy and CC are out because they don't carry the model of TV or STB I want. I'm so jealous of those who live near a Tweeter's or Good Guys. I guess the internet is the way to go. This is one of those times when I regret living in the 'burgh.
Hey, yunz guys! I'm here in the North Hills and wondering where you purchased your HDTV and receiver. I can't believe anybody pays the full-retail prices Listening Post and Let's Make Music are charging. Anyhow, I'm itching to get HD but am hesitant to buy over the internet. Any suggestions would be appreaciated. TIA
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