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Did they actually shoot 3D film on the lunar surface and is that what we're seeing or is this 3D some modern trickery?
Thanks for the help. I have a Toshiba 55WX800U LED. I've searched every possible menu entry thinking I would find an adjustment option but no luck. Same with my uverse box.My only advice to potential uverse customers is if you want more than the tv's onboard audio then you might want to consider a different television provider.
Hi, I just got uverse and I'm trying to use it with my external sound system and I'm having the same lipsyncing issue. I see the last post to this thread was made in August a year ago. Does anyone know if this is still a problem or have we discovered a fix for it? By the way, a friend has the same uverse set top box I do except he's got it connected to a soundbar and he has no lipsyncing problem. So why would a soundbar react differently because a sound bar is...
He does have a digital tuner and he can tune in the HD versions of the channels in the 700's channel rage. Is it possible that the tv itself is displaying those channels in 1080i without the need for the separate cable hdtv receiver?
My friend has had a 52" Samsung LN52A650 for 2 years. He has the cable tv coax connected to the set and has no set top box (cable tv HDTV receiver). He's been under the impression that his tv is doing the HDTV decoding itself so he didn't need a set top box. I'm not current on all this anymore but I told him I thought without the set top box he could only be seeing 480p. I looked at his manual online and that seemed to verify it for me because I can see no mention of...
Oh my god. I watched a Samsung 50" 3D plasma displaying the Masters in a Best Buy here in Florida this afternoon. Again, all I can say is oh my god. And I can add this. I am so glad that I didn't pull the trigger on a 2D LED flat panel because I've come close several times during the last few weeks. Now I gots to have me a 3d tv.
It's easy, rezzy. Even like oink says when the theater is not empty. Just go up to the top row where nobody is sitting anyway and no one can see what you're doing up there. If Paul Reubens woulda had enough sense to know that we would still be seeing Pee Wee Herman movies. Besides this is nothing but an old long haul truck driver's trick which has been around forever. They call their cup a "fisherman's buddy".
I had a feeling I aint the only one who has figured that one out, oink.
And about this issue of cannibalism. The only problem with trying to depict cannibals in a movie is portraying the physical appearance of cannibals. My take on it is that before one will resort to becoming a cannibal one will have been starving for so long that he/she starts looking like a holocaust victim. But the actors in the movie, and that includes the monsters who kept the humans captive in the house and the ones riding on the truck which emerged from the...
Temporarily relinquising the luxuries of running water and indoor plumbing was my way of trying to relate to what the characters on the screen were having to go through. But I drew the line with number 2.
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