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Again I will only respond to factual errors since this is public and my name is being dragged through the mud. I was painfully clear that the order was non cancellable before money was sent, furthermore there was a an entire month that I was asked to research a competing unit, which I did and offered that competing unit at a quicker time frame and higher price. I then explained that the unit would take longer than we originally anticipated. At that point I offered a full...
I have intentionally avoided all of the name calling and personal bashing. The situation as described above is an interesting account of the events. I will simply respond by saying it is completely unethical and immoral to ask others to expend time and resources and expect NOT to be compensated for their time and talent because you find a better deal. Likewise previewing equipment at a local showroom and then attempting to order it from overseas to avoid taxes and duties...
For sale PM Me
I just checked out bitwise....pretty cool
Biased is ok...it is truly unique no one else seems to e paying attention to the high end theater crowd. Maybe now that new homes are slowed down people will get more serious about home theater. It is exciting that we can have products as good as we do. PM me when you get a chance I have some cool things to discuss
The Bland is now an ADA guru! I love it!!!! I hope you are still enjoying it as much as before
Jeff......Call Me I will make it too tempting
jeff send me your equipment list we need to create you a touch panel that can be loaded on your iPad. Christmas is coming
Dennis what did you think of the 3D Runco?
Did you get to see the Runco 3D that was the only 3D I have seen that let me suspend disbelief including in a theater, however it was dealer invite only. Just curious
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