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Thanks for the update. The whole color, resolution, and refresh rate of HDMI2 seem really complicated - look at displayport!
As much as I have read, to get for high end gaming 4k @60hz you NEED HDMI2 .... if not only only gets 24FPS
Is there a master List of the upcoming 2.0 amps? I am in the market (need to uograde my non hdmi sony from 20 Years ago with DTS optical but wanted a 2.0 for when / if I go 4k (once nvidia has a single card solution for 4k 60hz) Most OnkYo and Yamaha etc still seems like 1.4!!!
Is there a way to do wifi control Of the TV? I saw my calibrator access it but can't find articles on it. Would be great to control tv from iPhone
I love my elite 70. Looking for a different room and figured why not go 4k assuming these high end units with be full array+zones But: Sony edge lit Sharp edge lot Ditto for Samsung The 84" lg seems full array only How can the edge lite "local dimming " really work across those large panels. Has VE done a shootout yet?
Ok, so I have been trying to download the manuals for the newest (1123k pioneer, the new VX5 series Yamaha and others). I am trying to simplify my home (I have a larger server, iTunes, DLNA etc). So....... for the WAF factor 1. Get rid of Logitech Media Server (too unstable, too many reboots, software not great) 2. Nice iPhone app 3.HDMI = CEC that works with my Sharp Elite 70" 4. Airplay 5. DLNA 6. 7.1 7. Good auto setup. Preferable one that does the sub right (no flames...
DOes the DLNA on the newest 1123K support video streaming or only audio?
Has an HTPC with a NVIDIA (modern) Fermi Card (like the GTC650/660/680) beet tried to output true 4k? They CLAIM they support this in the drivers. Hell, they can drive multiple monitors at much higher rez so I would hope so..... I am assuming with HDMI though you are limited to 24FPS
Best buy in Chicago is refusing to calibrate Cms. Seriously. I have complained up the food chain. Just comical.
Just another Geek Squad Xalibration story: They claim that you do no need to calibrate or "touch" CMS for proper calibration. How can that be true? IS the color managment system under ISF not the only way?
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