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That's funny the hs10 was one of the first pjs I bought, like 10 pjs ago
You will be floored!
After some tweaking with e shif and playing with some settings, mine looks nice and sharp now!
Lol mine has a black dot too but no Groucho glasses
Kris, when is that review coming out on the x500/4910?
So how far back are you guys mounting your pjs? I have mine 12' from a 126" diag 1.0 screen. I was thinking of moving it back to 20' back and maximize contrast but didn't want to loose to much brightness
Yes, I was very sensitive with motion on my x70 and the 4910 does a very nice job improving so much so that I don't need to use clear motion drive
You gotta love the blacks on this pj
It's kinda cream an sugar in your coffee, some like it some don't . Personally i think if your sitting very close to your screen it has a real benefit.
Low fan is very quiet!
New Posts  All Forums: