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That's a very long run! If you can't replace it with a15 or 20 foot cable then you may have to use a hdmi signal restorer, I think retail price is around $500 but they can be had on amazon and other sites for about $250 Hope this helps
How long is a really long hdmi cable?
Does anyone here own them or have checked them out? I'm looking for a row of 3 with a small footprint Thx
With all these storms and power outages you need to invest in a nice generator that hooks up to your electrical panel so you can enjoy all your toys
I think he has to many pjs.
what camera you using? nice shots!
How much mike?
So what's your thoughts so far?
The sony 600es is not gonna happen for me too much money for something that in 2 years will be superseded by a 6k pj, the 4910 has sparked my interest though over the x35
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