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Start here. Make sure the set has LED backlighting AND has local dimming. That should get you as close to the plasma as possible, except for off axis viewing.http://www.amazon.com/Sony-XBR55X850A-55-Inch-Ultra-Internet/dp/B00ES5YZBS/ref=sr_1_1?s=tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1396794149&sr=1-1&keywords=sony+tv
Yes, Comcast is encrypting everything here at my house now. You have two choices, get a Comcast DTA box for $3 a month, and record with it, assuming the IR blaster on the hauppauge can change the channels on the DTA. Second choice would be a Tivo Premier or Roamio, which allow you to copy directly from the DVR to your computer, with decryption. I dont believe any cable card solutions will work, and the card will still need to be present to decrypt the signal. Might be...
I cannot believe how good "Cosmos" on Nat Geo looks on my 55ST60. I never thought a TV could look so good. I dont watch many movies, so havent needed the really good black levels this set provides, up until now. Its Awesome.
Yes, I agree, most streaming up to now, is more compressed. That could change, given the recent deals between Comcast and Netflix.
I believe BluRays are compressed.From the BluRay Wiki:
Thanks. Let me know if they have any more 1/2 price sales. No way will I pay full price for Standard Def. Do any of the Razorback baseball games get uplinked on KU or C band, like maybe to the SEC network?
Are any of the Razorback baseball games on satellite? I see they are on Razorvision streaming, but Im not paying $13 for a month unless its in HD, and I find no reference to the quality.
Neither my Vizio Co-Star or Panasonic TV will play any flash videos anymore. Vizio blamed it on Flash, saying they were no longer supporting the android and smart tv market. Dont know if that is true or not, but the bottom line...Hook up your PC or get NBC to quit using an outdated unsupported streaming format.
There were some local dimming units shown at the 2014 trade show that looked real promising. Look for new LED/LCD sets with Dolby video processing and local dimming when they show up.
New Posts  All Forums: