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Downton Abbey (2010) Masterpiece Theater
I just rejoined NF and they just sent out x-men 1st class, while it's been in my BB queue for over a month at 'very long wait'. I could never time new releases with them, because their turn-around is so inconsistent. The CR said QS should be up in the next few weeks and that the queue will transfer over. We'll see!
It's great to see this in HD on a 100" screen; you don't realize how much detail was in those old photos! I wish they would release all his other docs on blu-ray...
lol, I cancelled NF and went to BB, but now I'm heading back because of their very poor turnaround time (about a week, compared to three days for NF) and discs they said were in stock that suddenly become "unavailable". Just can't win... Edit: yes, and I'll add that everything in my queue is a "very long wait" so I'm not even getting anything they do have that I want to see!
I was thinking that it would force the dvd folks to streaming and the dvd users that had poor bandwidth, capped bandwidth, or ultimately decide on quality to come over to the blu-side..
What puzzles me is when something is released in dvd and blu-ray they many times will pick up only the dvd version (such as the series Justified and many other movie titles). Wouldn't it make more sense if they are only going to get one format to get the blu-ray, so that those that have dvd only would be forced to pay the higher monthly charge for blu-ray access?
Unfortunately, I think that those that have limited bandwidth or are capped AND want high quality is a very very small percentage (of which I am a part). People are just too willing to settle for convenience over quality.
Meek's Cutoff (2010)
Videodrome (1983) Criterion
There's a thread for the ones that BB has and NF doesn't and it has been very helpful. Perhaps we need one for the other way too?
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