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I got the Samsung UN46D6300 46" LED model for $765.32 through Dell: Looks like it sold out Home Theater Magazine review
Yea - Star Trek tonight!
Haven't early and pre-production units (or cherry picked units) brightness numbers for the most recent JVC model years been (much) higher than end-user experiences?
You know, as long as the unit supports the HDMI 1.4 4K content input directly - pixel mapped 1:1, we can look foreward and push for better 4K upscaling.
if that 2000 ANSI lumens holds close after calibation and aging, that gives very good performance for actual "in the home" theaters.And $25,000 for say a 10 ft wide screen, to be at the bleeding edge and be able to display 4k material before others is important.Imagine 18 months from now they add 4k capture to the hi-end sony DSLR's...
I gotta think they'll just re-label SR-B & SL-B as FR-H/W & FL-H/W.
No, you've split energy.The idea behind centralizing your comments and not starting 6 threads is it allows others to benefit from the ongoing dialog - to refer back and to feel if they add to the discussion, it will allow information to disseminate and encourage others to help those who do post.Otherwise, it's just a monologue.
MODERATOR: please make this a sticky thread!maybe that will satisfy the need for attention
And they are not supposed to until 12-01-2010http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-e...-_-VIERA-Alias
would have liked to see a 46 inch model
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