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If you find it necessary to back up your raid you do it to... well... another raid.
Not one to sit around I did some digging. I now know that the mediabridge is attempting to ftp the file "rootfs.checksum.enc" from a server at tce.com which belongs to the technicolor.com company. What is interesting is that the ftp server itself still exists and I can log into it using the username and password the mediabridge tries to connect with. Unfortunately, the file is no longer there (although there are several other unrelated files which lead me to believe...
I know this product is long in the tooth. A buddy and I bought 2 each of these 8 years ago when we discovered them. Mine have both failed at this point, and Im seeing nothing in the field which does what they do (consumer grade menu with library browsing and full dvd menu integration). My friend never really used his. He hooked one up for a bit and the second was left in a box unopened. Ive bought his units from him and want to use them. The one he did use he upgraded...
Bought a VT50 (TC-P55VT50) at Video Only in Mountain View over Memorial Day for $1999. All the online retailers I could find had it for $2499 at the time. http://videoonly.com/ -R.
Thank you! Figures it would be named something obvious like that. -R.
I was lucky enough to pick up two of these many years back before they dissapeared. Ive been casually looking for devices that offer the same level of functionality (HT componant form factor and ability to stream a full DVD -interactive menus and all-) since then. Now the DVI has gone out on one of the two, and ive just upgraded the room its in from an old 25" Cable Ready CRT to a brand new Panasonic VT50. Im hurting not having the DVI out now. Has a product come along...
Just took delivery of my VT50 Yesterday. This AM I updated the firmware. I dont know if this happened after or all along,but when I turn the set on, I am rewarded with a "sponsored advertisement" banner at the bottom of the screen. This is about as offensive as it gets. Its not like I bought a "budget" model which was subsidised by add revenue to panasonic (ala the various amazon kindle models). How do I shut this off? -R.
Its video game consoles. My PS2 and Wii. Not much chance there. Thanks for the info. You may have just saved me a few hundred dollars! -R.
I see that the lower model rx-v line do not offer "HDMIUpscaling" Does this mean that non-hdmi source video will not be put onto the hdmi cable to my screen or that it wont get upscaled when it is? I can only run hdmi to the set because its built into a wall. Is HDMI upscaling a requirement to get all video to the set over the single hdmi cable going to it? Thanks, -R.
I thought Aventage was the name of the current year's line. Has it been around for multiple years?This may be. Call me a purist, however, but I prefer to watch the movie with the sound track as the engineer designed it. I dont want my receiver networked (I have a media player for that). The other features fall into the category of "futureproofing" that, by the time I would need them, I would probably be replacing the amp for other compatability issues anyway (Like I...
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