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I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. I can hardly afford my interest payments. Kidding, but I loved this commercial where a guy on his riding lawnmower said something of the sort while talking about all the stuff he had. As for me, I am in real estate and it has taken me 20 years to get from my first system to my current system and my very last system (yeah right) is being planned now.
That and they gotta get more MAJOR studios on board than Universal and Paramount. Especially considering how relatively short most release windows are.
I have to ask so that probably means I can't afford it
Any new thoughts on this? I can't find where any new major player has signed to distribute content to them (Like Disney for instance). There is a dealer in Texas that has one on display. I'm too lazy to google the name at the moment, but I'd love to know if they have sold any.
Bumping this... We are selling our house and the theater goes with it Screen is 16' wide, scope and used a Titan pj until it developed an issue and now, AND PLEASE DONT FLAME ME , I put an Epson 6030ub in as a placeholder. This was before the house sell came about. ( the screen is 1.4 gain from Harkness and while the pj is not anywhere on par with anything approaching high end for that size, it looks better than it has any right to look ). I will not be putting a new...
Love D-Box. Had a blast with my system. Even did some motion code reviews for Widescreen Review for a year or so. Well I've been off this thread for a while since I sold my system a few years back due to *ahem* financial reasons... But I've been lurking and this latest tidbit is probably the thing to get me jumping back in head first. The fact that it should incorporate the ability to recognize multiple media (streaming services, physical discs, etc) is great, great...
Believe me, I've checked all the usual suspects. My screen, however, is 16 feet wide scope aspect ratio. Harkness is the only mfg that offers a perf that sized for reasonable cost. The pluses with them is that their seams are not visible at all (until you have one start ripping on you) and the price is great. The only minus with them is that the mini perfs on my screen cause really irritating moire. They don't offer the service of rotating the material to avoid moire....
I don't want to but I have to replace my screen due to it starting to separate at a seam (it's from Harkness and has been perfect for 13 years). Just looking for anyone that might have done that switch for whatever reason. I do prefer my current setup from an audio standpoint. Just wanting to consider my options if I don't have an accoustically transparent screen.
Like the thread title, right now my screen is perfed and all three fronts are behind, at ear level and imaging is superb. I'm replacing the screen with a custom and it will not be perfed. I'm not so much asking how to position them or anything like that just wanting impressions from anyone that may have switched their fronts from behind to below their pj screens.
I know I'm late to the party but... I've searched here and all over the interwebs. Can anyone clue me in on how to completely disable the 1008s inboard video processor? I found one tip to hold VCR and Return buttons. This brings up "Video Processing: Used" but repeatedly pressing return again, as suggested, yields no results. According to what I read, it should cause the display to read "Skip". I'm at a loss.
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