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Even with the new update my set's presence sensor is at none. Yet the TV shuts off maybe three times a week and then comes on again.
Thanks an awful lot for the settings. At first they seemed a little too saturated, as far as the color setting went, but I kept yours on Cinema 2. I entered my settings on Cinema 1. I have Dish Network as a source, and did an a/b test...your settings beat mine! The only change I made was to go from COOL to Neutral. I got the 46HX750 as part of a settlement with Sony, and was the best of the three sets offered me. Unfortunately it is too small since it is replacing a 55"...
Same here, as far as how often it occurs . When it happens my wife always blames me! You always worry of a problem because the warranty is only a year. To think that the XBR was always Sony's top and had the better warranty. I truly love the picture quality on this set, I have the 60" version (fully calibrated) and can not see it getting any better. Only negative is the sound quality, which forced me to use a sound bar.
I disconnected this setting.
It has happened to me, once or twice. It has not happened in months.
These samples look great compared to some other sampled 3D clips. Hope they provide more!
Believe me I will do a more intensive evaluation before the end of the warranty period, there was a time that one had a year and a half when you purchased an XBR TV. The powering on and off situation was a very remote situation that I doubt I can recreate, I have experienced it maybe three times since I have had the set, but it did happen. Glad that I have company hearing the snap/pop sound.
I simply love my set, but wanted to ask you whether you have experienced a SNAP sound 15 to 30 seconds after the set has been turned off. I am using an external sound setup, so the snap sound may not be coming from the TV's speakers. Another experience is the set powering off on its own for a second or two and then powering on again. This does not happen often and my wife thinks that I turned the set off via remote. Set is still under warranty until this November but...
I have to say that all the firmware updates have fixed any of the problems that I had been having with the 609. Now I have been trying to play several DTS albums in mp3 format, that I have downloaded in the past. For some reason I just get a hiss which to me means that they are not being decoded. When these same tracks are played via my Oppo, I have no playback problems.
Ditto...Great set. Moved to my office and a Sony XBR 60LX900, has taken it's place in my media room.
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